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Concentrating on corporate law, financial and real estate transactions, and litigation, Clark Hill Thorp Reed attorneys deliver expertise in multiple practice areas and industries.  Our reputation is grounded in the highest ethical standards and strongest commitment to client service.  In a world of increasing complexity, Clark Hill Thorp Reed provides confident and sure counsel.  Our multidisciplinary approach means working hard and working smart on our clients’ behalf to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to legal problems.


Clark Hill Thorp Reed's litigation group consists of proven trial attorneys, experienced in “bet the company” litigation. Respected legal directories such as Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business (Chambers) and Benchmark: America's Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys (Benchmark) consistently rank our litigators as among the best in Pennsylvania. The litigation practice at Clark Hill Thorp Reed is one of only a handful recommended in Pennsylvania according to Benchmark’s prestigious law firm rankings. Moreover, Chambers lauds the firm as “a natural choice for defending substantial commercial cases” with “an impressive courtroom presence.” By effectively melding trial strategy with business savvy, our litigation group deserves its place among the nation’s elite litigation practices.

Clark Hill Thorp Reed offers its litigation clients the capabilities of many knowledgeable and talented attorneys. In addition to seasoned counsel, many of the firm’s younger partners are among the most successful litigators at Clark Hill Thorp Reed.

Our litigation clients range from Fortune 500 companies facing class actions to individuals facing the overwhelming and unfamiliar prospect of litigation. For each, our team of litigators is committed to cutting to the core of a dispute to achieve the best results for our clients.

A claim or dispute - regardless of value involved - may be of overwhelming significance to a client or it may be routine.  A client may expect daily communication and updates on a litigation matter or they may prefer to be contacted only for significant, strategic decisions.  Only the client can decide the relative importance of each litigation matter and the manner in which counsel may best keep them informed.

Our lawyers work with clients from the outset to determine goals, concerns and preferences.  We work with the client to evaluate each litigation matter and consider the critical factors that may affect our approach, including: What is the impact of the litigation on the client’s business? Do the parties have an ongoing business or personal relationship? What is the real cost of the litigation, in terms of money and disruption to the business? Only when the client’s goals are clear can a desirable outcome be achieved.

Based on these discussions, we develop a litigation plan for each matter.  Early evaluation of a case enables us to propose appropriate staffing and management of the cases. As the case progresses, our lawyers and our clients use the litigation plan as a barometer to measure progress, plan future action and weigh the most appropriate and cost-effective outcome. 

That outcome may be in the form of alternative dispute resolution.  It may be settlement.  It may be trial.  Regardless of the ultimate resolution decision, we believe that the best litigation results are achieved by lawyers who are prepared to try cases.